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Michael P. Gerlek (mpg) -- Independent consultant at Flaxen Geo Consulting (


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Summary of OSGeo Activities

  • involved with OSGeo since initial Chicago meeting in February of 2006
  • the original OSGeo T-shirts guy
  • helped organize major presence at Where 2.0 in 2006
  • led the Visibility Committee (VisCom) for ~1 year
  • coordinated development of formal logos, branding guide, etc
  • traveled to Beijing (October, 2006) to help launch the China Chapter of OSGeo
  • occasional speaker, workshop presenter, etc
  • co-founder of CUGOS, a user's group for open source geo software in the Cascade region (Puget Sound / Seattle), and designated "venue host"
  • editor of "Open Sources", OSGeo's column in GeoConnexions magazine
  • assisted in organizing the "Open Technology Conference" (OTD/DOD), hosted a panel discussion of OSGeo members
  • set up the cafepress site
  • advocate for use of open source software within the commercial and defense sectors
  • contributor to libLAS (, DotSpatial, and other projects

Summary of Non-OSGeo Activities

  • 2010: started Flaxen Geo Consulting so I could go out on my own, specializing in the intersection of GIS, Open Source, and .NET/C#
  • employed by LizardTech 1999-2010; involved in the design and development of a large portion of LizardTech's software, including MrSID and JPEG 2000 offerings; Director of Engineering
  • ex-compiler writer and high-performance / parallel computing wonk (Intel, Oregon Graduate Institute, Los Alamos National Lab)
  • member of OGC, attended a number of TC meetings; have worked on various OGC standards and activities centered around JPEG 2000 and related technologies
  • occasional member/rep to other formal or informal geo standards groups and working groups