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Nicolas Bozon

Nicolas Bozon

Cartographer, Esri France.

Nicolas Bozon is an open source geospatial enthusiast. He specializes in map design, webmapping and UI/UX design. He is a GIS expert, cartographer and designer with complementary research, development and business experiences.

OSGeo Experience

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  • Co-founder and PSC member of ZOO-Project, the Open WPS platform
  • Co-founder and UI designer of MapMint, the 100% service oriented SDI
  • Author of, the Geospatial Web Font
  • Post-doc fellowship in GIS and environmental modeling at Osaka City University (大阪市立大学) (JP, 2011/2013)
  • PhD fellowhip in Maths/GIS at Irstea Montpellier (FR, 2006/2009)
  • Master degree in GIS at UJM (FR, 2005)
  • Undergraduate Environmental Sciences at UQAM (CA, 2002/2004)
  • Undergraduate Geography at Lyon 2(FR, 2000/2002)

Name: Aditya Vitthalrao Chondke


GSoC 2019 Project: Adding Augmented Reality (AR) support to the MapMint4ME Android Application

Contact: +91-7020710594

Github Repository link: Repo

OSGeo Experience and Roles:

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