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*ka-Map developer
*ka-Map developer
*UN FAO consultant
*UN FAO consultant
* [http://www.linkedin.com/pub/2/5b7/41b LinkedIn profile]
* retired from GIS after [[FOSS4G2010]]
===Contact infos===
===Contact infos===
*lbecchi AT osgeo DOT org
*lbecchi AT osgeo DOT org

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Lorenzo Becchi

Contact infos

  • lbecchi AT osgeo DOT org
  • IRC nick: ominoverde

OSGeo involvement

  • Charter member
  • Web Committee
  • OSGeo Spanish Language Local Chapter (OSGeo-es): Board Member
  • Free GIS Book
  • OSGeo Mailing Lists Admin/Moderator
    • Spanish Local Chapter (OSGeo-es)
    • OSGeo-es Board
    • Portuguese Local Chapter
    • Free GIS Book
    • Jobs

maintened sites and projects

  1. http://www.ominiverdi.org - Ominiverdi Group main site
  2. http://blog.ominiverdi.org - Ominoverde, Kappu, Steko and Doktoreas blog
  3. http://ka-map.ominiverdi.org - Ka-Map official wiki page
  4. http://clima.ominiverdi.org - World Climate Analysis from GlobalSod dataset.
  5. http://lorenzobecchi.com - Personal Website


Ka-Map and PyWPS workshops, seminaries and articles pubished here.


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