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With a decade of experience in Technical Writing, I am currently heading the Documentation team at Deputy, a hypergrowth company trying to be the ultimate, all-in-one workforce management solution of the future. Studying at Harvard University and working on three side hustles to give back to the community. Earlier worked as a Product Manager, Product Marketing Manager, Scrum Master/Coach, Project Manager, and Technical Writer with several firms in Digital Tech. Before that, worked as a Technical Writer in several industries such as Finance, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Manufacturing, Education, etc. In the past, I've been an entrepreneur who sold guitars and homemade chocolates, a board game designer, an exhibition organizer, a published author, a monk, and a counsellor and teacher for underprivileged individuals living in the biggest slum in Asia. I hold a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and several certifications from Stanford University, Google, Twiiter, Microsoft, HubSpot, etc.