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Dear OSGeo Committee. I am an Australian/Canadian PhD (Environmental Engineering) candidate at the University of Newcastle NSW, expecting to complete my thesis in 2021. My topic is "Participatory and gamified GeoDesign is a way to envision the transition of legacy mines and infrastructure to sustainable cities by 2030. Using the South Maitland Coal Fields catchments as the case study." The aim behind my research is to create a gamified "Theatre of GeoDesign" where urban practitioners, including Aboriginal Traditional Owners, can be both actors and players. I will use open source high-res geospatial datasets (vector and raster) and coding libraries (esp Python) to create a scientifically-validated cooperative decision stage. Here, experts will be able to experimentally interact with each other in choosing and exploring scenarios and decide upon the best urban and infrastructure design actions over mining legacy landscapes. The guiding philosophy for the designs will be the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (especially #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities) and Blue Green Cities. I have recently concentrated on geospatial analysis research after 15 years as an Environmental Heritage and Sustainability Planner for the NSW and local governments (mainly), and nearly a decade as an environmental scientist and archaeologist for the private sector. I would be honoured to be able to join this global group. Thank you Susan M Effenberger 15/07/19 (LinkedIn profile