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Tim Sutton

Tim Sutton

Kartoza (Pty) Ltd.

Location: Somerset West, South Africa

Tim is a GIS practitioner, QGIS Developer and Free Software advocate. You can find out more about Tim at Tim has been involved in the QGIS project since 2002 and currently serves as a Project Steering Committee member for QGIS. Tim is also the developer team lead for InaSAFE - a contingency planning tool for disaster managers. Tim has created numerous other free software projects - you can find more at Tim's Github Page. Tim is also actively FOSSGIS related docker images to the docker public repository - see the Kartoza docker repository for more details.

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  • QGIS Project Steering Committee member
  • OSGEO Charter Member

Email: tim (A T)

Profile last updated: 05 July 2012