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Tim Sutton

Tim Sutton

Kartoza (Pty) Ltd.

Location: Somerset West, South Africa

Tim is a GIS practitioner, QGIS Developer and Free Software advocate. You can find out more about Tim at Tim has been involved in the QGIS project since 2002 and currently serves as Chair of the QGIS Project Steering Committee. Tim is also the developer team lead for InaSAFE - an open source contingency planning tool for disaster managers implemented as a plugin for QGIS. Tim has created numerous other free software projects - you can find more at Tim's Github Page. Tim is also actively creating FOSSGIS related docker images to the docker public repository - see the Kartoza docker repository for more details.

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  • QGIS Board Chair
  • OSGEO Charter Member

Email: tim (A T)

Profile last updated: 05 July 2012