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Graduate Student | Geography Graduate Group | University of California, Davis

Conference Activities



Code/Application Experience

  • Python, VBA/VB, html, css, js
  • Plone, Trac, Apache
  • QGIS, GRASS, GDAL, OpenLayers
  • Spatialite(SQLite), Postgis, MySql
  • Inkscpae, GIMP, Scribus

Projects & Committees

School Activities

  • Organized a course to evaluate new QGIS tutorials at UCD written by a Professor who teaches intro GIS.
  • Organized a directed group study of graduate students to solve a geographical problem using programming and open source software.
  • Quantum GIS plugin for metadata editing [1]
  • Cartography Course using Inkscape
  • Teaching Assistant: Programming GIS with Python


  • Bachelor of Science: Wildlife, Fisheries and Conservation Biology with minors in Landscape Restoration and GIS
  • Current Thesis/Dissertation - Framework for spatial model testing using GPS telemetry data of species movements.
  • Future Research - Community Mapping Tools

Relevant Memberships

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