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Why are you deleting everywhere?? This is BAD and contradicts our membership process. Please revert that immediately. Neteler 18:20, 28 October 2008 (UTC)

Hello Markus. As a result of misunderstanding some instructions given to me about adding the Spanish Local Chapter Charter Members in the OSGeo Members cathegory I added their "User Page" not their "Personal Page" that was the reason I had to delete these Cathegory inclusions. Sorry about the annoyance.

Hello Pedro-Juan, nothing wrong with having Spanish Local Chapter Charter Members in the OSGeo Members category. Of course those members have to agree. See "Add Yourself to the Member List ... Please add [[Category: OSGeo Member]] within the page to become auto-registered on the member list page." in . I would be surprised if, for example, User:Ominiverdi isn't OSGeo member! So, folks like him do need the category in the Wiki page. Well, maybe I don't understand how this works. - best, Markus Neteler 09:15, 29 October 2008 (UTC)

Ok, I see, but for example, User:Ominiverdi is in the OSGeo Member List but listed as Lorenzo Becchi. I was told that it was better to be listed with your name than with your user. So I created a page with the name of every Spanish Local Chapter Charter Member that hadn't that page, put the OSGeo Member cathegory there, an then re-direct that page to their users. Lorenze HAD the page with his name an the cathegory, and I only added the OSGeo Member cathegory in his user page and later deleted it. Once again, if I was doing something wrong I was completly unaware and beg you perdon.


damn, my ear whistle!


Markus, Pedro-Juan has been doing a great job in this days.

He's been doing his part building up the Spanish Chapter joint with few other guys.

We never though this User:NAme or User_Page_Name could be a problem, that's why we acted like that.

do you think it could be a problem?

I don't know. I just know that I work hard to add categories in this Wiki :) And that we eventually want all members be listed in the members category. That's all... I just felt that removing the category is against this scope (which is a board scope). But probably I am missing the point... cheers - m.

Markus I assure you that no user listed in the cathegory has been lost, and that we want everyone listed and if possible by their own. I don't think that you have lost the point. Thanks for the efforts and all the work you're doing. --vehrka 11:38, 30 October 2008 (UTC)