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List of tasks to be done by [[Promotion and Visibility Committee]]. Eventually I imagine this should be handled by the bug (artifact?) tracker but I don't know how to use that properly yet.
#redirect [[Promotion_and_Visibility_Committee#Tasks]]
== Committee Meetings ==
* [[First VisCom Meeting]] (was March 22, 2006)
* [[Second VisCom Meeting]] (was April 27th, 2006)
* [[Third_VisCom_Meeting]] (will be May 11th, 2006)
== Pending ==
=== Short Term ===
* Organize [[LinuxTag 2006]] exhibition and meeting
* Organize strategy for "Where 2.0" conference (some board members got already contacted by the organizers)
* prepare Web page contents about "What OSGeo is doing" to attract sponsors. This is related to [[Fundraising]]. Then forward this material to WebCom
* Setup feedback mechanism for web site.  I suppose this ought to be creating artifacts in the bug system, but a feedback email list might be more appropriate.
* Recruit more members on discuss list.  What skills are most valuable?
=== Medium Term ===
* [[Operate OSGeo Booth]]
* Work on https://visibilitycommittee.osgeo.org contents
* Organize translation volunteers.
* Prepare canned notes/slides about OSGeo for general member use
* Prepare presentation on use of OS code inside (closed) corporate shops (see notes at [[user:mpg]])
=== Wiki ===
* Organize staff at [[LinuxTag_2006#Staff_Plan | LinuxTag 2006]]
== Recently Completed ==
* First [https://www.osgeo.org/content/news/news_archive/open_source_geospatial_foundation_initial_press_release.html Press Release] published 6 March 2006
== Other Notes ==

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