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VisCom would like to suggest the following guidelines for projects graduating from Incubation. (It is not our place to make these be actual requirements, but that sure would be nice.)

The primary langauge will be English as a matter of practicality. However, translated content is always apreciated.

VisCom is always ready and willing to help with the preparation of these materials.

Launch/Graduation Information

Press release material:

  • 2-3 paragraphs general description, such as
    • what the product does
    • who its target user base is
    • history of the project
    • benefits to the project from the incubation process
  • a good quote from a senior project member, and/or a high-profile user
  • a good quote from a senior OSGeo person about the project

Marketing Collateral

  • 1 paragraph description of what the project does
  • 1 page description of what the project does, who the users are, etc
  • 1-4 screen shots, with short paragraph description of each
  • PNG of logo, if appropriate
  • 10-20 slide presentation about the project

Demo Stuff

This one is harder to describe, and will be subject to the nature of the project. Ideally, we'd like a movie demo and a script for a live demo, but these are understandably harder to put together.

Movie - a 5 to 10 minute AVI file or whatever showing the product in use; extra credit if accompanied by an audio track, or at least a textual description of what is being shown.

Demo - a script for a 5-10 minute demo, such that with a bit of practice someone with reasonable GIS experience could "show the demo" at a booth; the demo package should include whatever data files, etc, are needed