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* ZOO-Project, Nicolas Bozon
* ZOO-Project, Nicolas Bozon
* 52°North, Benjamin Pross
* 52°North, Benjamin Pross
* GeoServer, Jody Garnett
=== Mailing list ===
=== Mailing list ===

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WPS Benchmark 2014

This page contains informations about the (possible) WPS Benchmarking session for the FOSS4G@PDX in 2014.

Plan (Draft)

  • Call for project, call for testing proposition, scénarios and designation of one contact user (for providing private informations, mainly ip, logins and passwords)
  • Setup a host that we will call the "test server" and give access to one user per project involved (server specification to come, if there is any specific requirement for your solution to be setup please let us know)
  • Call project for installing their solutions on the test server
  • Vote then define testing procedures / method / scenarios
  • Run the tests on each instances setup on the test server and publish results (at any time a team may modify the setup they made initialy and then ask that a test shlould be run against their setup again)
  • Have a WPS Benchmarking web site providing detailed informations about the tests, displaying results in fancy ways ...

Projects and people

  • ZOO-Project, Gerald Fenoy
  • ZOO-Project, Nicolas Bozon
  • 52°North, Benjamin Pross
  • GeoServer, Jody Garnett

Mailing list

Deadlines (Draft)

  • 2014.04.04 - Call for projects / testing proposals start
  • 2014.04.15 - FOSS4G call for abstract close
  • 2014.04.15 - Server available for installing solutions
  • 2014.04.30 - First test can start
  • 2014.05.15 - Call for projects closed
  • 2014.05.26 - Call for testing closed
  • 2014.06.23 - Definition of testing procedure
  • 2014.06.30 - Installation and verification of testing procedure on the test server end
  • 2014.08.15 - Extract final results and inclusions in presentation
  • 2014.9.8 - FOSS4G start
  • 2015.04.15 - End of test server availability