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= General Direction =
= General Direction =

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General Direction

Transition Related

  • Approve and post a Privacy Policy. We used to have one similar to http://www.jxta.org/nonav/servlets/LegalNotices?type=PrivacyPolicy on the old site, and might want to emulate it.
  • Provide some mechanism for feedback for the website. Perhaps a "feedback" link that suggests email to info@osgeo.org?
  • Do we need a "terms of use" document? I'm not sure what happened to our old terms of use, but they were partly collabnet oriented.

Current Work


  • Work on web site overall style. (waiting for decision on tech infrastructure)
  • Organize translation volunteers. (need technical infrastructure for multilang support)

User-submitted tasks


  • Any exisiting or future OSGeo Membership Application webpage needs to include a "Member Responsibilities" section along with a mechanism(e.g. checkbox) to indicate explicit acceptance of those responsibilities. Existing "Members" should have to edit their membership to also indicate acceptance. This is so that if the " Membership Change and Revocation" issue as mentioned in the Proposed_Membership_Rules ever arises the Board knows that the Member did agree to 'the rules'.

Approved and Pending

Completed for Review