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This wiki is the place where the Marketing Comittee of OSGeo is planning the redesigning of the OSGeo Web site following a user-centered design process (UCD). The main goals of the redesign are to provide:

   * increased usability of the OSGeo Web site, and
   * increased use of the resources on the OSGeo Web site due to better usability.
   * aligning site branding with an official print design


  • Tyler
  • Daniele
  • Jeroen


1) Analysis of the Current website

OSGeo Homepage in Jan 2009

  • Content Design
  • Layout Design
  • Navigation Design
  • Visual Design

2) Define areas that need improvement

  • Content Design:
    • Some of the written content could be summarized
    • The site is very static and rigid. The community lives somewhere else. Do we want a more active site?
  • Layout Design:
  • Navigation Design:
    • The Login section is not easy to find on the homepage
    • We have a very long menu. It should be shortened.
  • Visual Design:
    • More images may make the website a bit more friendly
    • The site could use more color.



  • User centered Design
  • User testing
  • Usability
  • Tied to branding of print material
  • We should implement a search. Probably google site search.
  • Language selection could be made better
    • The navigation menu is not the correct place to put language selection in.
    • A alternative way could be to have a "change language" link in the top banner somewhere, which would take the user to a page like this.


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