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Where 2.0 2010

Event Owner
Brian Hamlin (darkblue_b)
week of March 29, 2010
San Jose, Ca
OReilly Where

Brady / Yvonne at OReilly provided a pro-bono booth

EMail call for volunteers sent 20201124014815

we have now confirmed at the 11th hour, a presence at Where 2.0 .. There is a cocktail table in the Exhibit Hall with our name on it..

So I am now calling for volunteers for the event - you know who you are! If you choose to volunteer, you will get an Exhibits Only pass, which unfortunately does not include OReilly lunch The time slots are as follows:

Wednesday, 31March

  • Morning break - 10:15 AM
  • Lunch Break 12'ish
  • Afternoon break
  • Evening Reception in the exhibit hall

Thursday, 01April - no kiddng

  • same as above, but ends at 4:30 pm

Signage Note: as a cocktail table, we won't be able to use the big table 'skirt' but there is an ID Sign, 7"x44" on the drape behind us.. the primary color of the event is BLUE

  • the contract for the event says that OReilly will print the sign.. I trust this will happen even at this late date

also as a cocktail table, there is really no room for a demo laptop IMO I suggest a fishbowl or something .. I would like to make some kind of game related to coding.. with the result of, if you can do X simple thing, you get an OSGeo Y simple handout thing ideas welcome!



  • Live DVD r3 running under VirtualBox was a great demo
  • rburhum slideshow of OSGeo misc


  • table was 30" diameter
  • rburhum brought external LCD monitor
  • three laptops among us


  • darkblue_b
  • rburhum
  • glennon
  • pramsey