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PROPOSED AGENDA: January 6, 2021

  • 5.45pm: ONLINE LOBBY (https://meet.jit.si/OSGeoAlbertaChapterMonthlyMeetup)
    • Phone: 647.243.6108 | MeetingID: 2203355915
  • 6.00pm: Attendee Introductions
  • 6.30pm: Trudy Curtis, CEO of PPDM (ppdm.org) will present “Spatial Data in Governed Data Ecosystems” .
    • Trudy Curtis is the Chief Executive Officer of the Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM) Association, the global Not-For-Profit society focused on building a global community of data professionals, developing best practices and standards for data, and on professional development and certification for data professionals. Based in Calgary, Canada, Curtis has over four decades of years of industry experience and is known around the world for her outspoken advocacy of data as a strategic asset, and its management as a core business function.
      After receiving a BSc. from the University of Calgary in 1978, Curtis went to work in the Oil and Gas industry. In 1996, she joined the PPDM Association as architect, CIO and ultimately CEO of the PPDM Association. Curtis has led the way to the recognition of data as a critical strategic asset, and the emergence of data management as a globally recognized professional discipline.

  • Following:
    • Stefan Price will probably have some stuff ( he usually does ) including:
      • Google as part of their involvement in the Open-Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) has devised the "Criticality Score" as a means of judging crucial open-source projects [3]. and guess what, QGIS is in the top 10 for the C++ most critical projects, along with projects like Tensorflow, Ceph, Bitcoin and Electron. In the C category, you've projects like Git ant the Linux kernel, OpenSS...

  • Chat & any proposed Chapter business or initiatives

This event is open to all. Feel free to bring your topics, projects, or presentations.

Some suggestions from the chapter for presentations include:

  • Show us your side hustle
  • Bring us your problems ( stuff you're working on and issues )
  • teach something new ( OS Geo projects or other ).