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Mission Statement / Chapter Objectives

Our inaugural "reboot" meetup is December 4, 2019. We will kick off the discussion there and work to arrive at a shared set of objectives over the next month or so.

(The Common Points of Interest Noted in 2010)

  • (free) Alberta geodata
  • free GIS tools in Oil & Gas & Energy
  • GIS software in general

Email List and Members


We have a venue - Thanks, Assembly Coworking Space, for a monthly meetup in Calgary. The guys restarting this chapter are mostly in Calgary. We could really use participants/organizers from elsewhere in the province ( Edmonton / Lethbridge, I'm looking at you ).

The next meeting will be on the first Tuesday of the next month, August 3 2010. The meeting will take place at the University of Calgary. For more info check the postings on the OSGeo Alberta email list.

If you have suggestions or comments or anything else, please use the mailing list to allow for transparency.

If you need to speak with one of the organizers privately, reach out to Scott McHale:


  • We are looking to hold events in Edmonton and the Calgary-based organizers are willing to travel to host an event, if needed. Help in identifying Edmonton ( and surrounding area ) speakers, sponsors, and venues would great.

Other Places in Alberta

C'mon, Lethbridge! You're the remote sensing capital of Canada!

Reach out via the mailing list if you want to help organize something. The Calgary organizers are willing to travel to host but help in finding speakers, sponsors, venues would be appreciated.

See Also


see the same section in Calgary IG on GIS software and Alberta GeoData