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Free and open source GIS software has experienced rapid growth over the past few years, including web mapping applications, spatial database software and desktop GIS. Talking to colleagues has inspired us to see if there is potential to establish an interest group in Alberta where people can learn about open source GIS software (products, licenses, legal issues etc.) and exchange their experiences using it. Hence, we are planning to hold an open meeting that should help to establish an Alberta-Calgary based interest group sometime in April/May 2010.

  • When?
    • Thursday *29th April 2010*
    • from 6pm; at max until 8pm
  • Where?
  • Possible Agenda:
    • What is the OSGeo?
    • Get to know each other.
    • Define the purpose of the group.
    • Pizza? Beer?
  • For point (iii) it would be helpful if you could think about the following questions:
    • Why are you coming?
    • What would you expect from such a group?
    • What do you not want the group to be?
    • What is your experience with free and open source GIS?

If you have suggestions or comments or anything else, please write us:

  • Stefan Steiniger - ssteinig[-at-] - (Geography Dept., UofC)
  • Andrew Hunter - ahunter[-at-] - (Geomatics Dept., UofC)

April 26th, 2010

PS: It may be worthwhile to establish an email group next?


  • no info yet, but add your name below if you are interested

Other Places in Alberta

  • no info yet, but add your name below if you are interested

See Also

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