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Name Affiliations OSGeo Projects (Lat,Lon) About
Chris Holmes The Open Planning Project, GeoServer, GeoTools Incubator, Board I like GIS (if someone could put a good, detailed example here that would be great. I think this section should be as long as people like. Or a paragraph or two, and linking out to a more complete profile. But I'd like at least a paragraph for everyone, so one can survey this list and get a sense of who's involved in this thing.
Michael P. Gerlek LizardTech Promotion and Visibility Committee (47.673166,-122.530143) Engineer at LizardTech, doing MrSID and JPEG 2000 stuff. Playing with with the next generation of technologies for supporting raster data GIS workflows.
Frank Warmerdam GDAL/OGR, MapServer Incubator, Board (45.45,-77.25) Lead developer of GDAL/OGR and freelance geospatial software developer.
Jason Birch City of Nanaimo Web Site, Promotion & Visibility (49.155, -124.005) I am a long-time GIS/IT/'Net junkie, and am currently working for the City of Nanaimo's IT department as a Sr. Applications Analyst (GIS Specialist). I am excited about what I see happening in the open source geospatial world, with OSGeo as a catalyst. User:Jasonbirch
Howard Butler Hobu, Inc Web Site Committee, (42.00, -93.00) MapServer hacker, MTSC member. GDAL hacker. ESRI ArcSDE hack. Purveyor of Windows binary builds User:hobu
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