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Name Affiliations OSGeo Projects (Lat,Lon) About
Chris Holmes The Open Planning Project, GeoServer Incubator, Board, GeoTools (40.72,-74.00) I come from the Java side of the OSGeo fence, getting my start in GeoServer, where I was lead developer for a couple years, and GeoTools, where I still serve on the PMC. My time is made possible by The Open Planning Project (TOPP), a great non-profit in New York that has been the lead supporter of GeoServer for years now. I spent the last year in Zambia on a Fulbright Scholarship, looking at the potential for open source software to help implement spatial data infrastructures in developing countries. It was a bit of a failure, but I learned a ton, and I see a lot of potential for open source in developing countries, towards truly open spatial data infrastructures. I'm back at TOPP, in a new role as VP of Strategic Development, helping to grow the organization, and figuring out how to make our geospatial stuff self sustaining. Once that's rolling, I hope to reinvest extra revenue in to figuring out and building a truly open geospatial web. And just like apache and linux are the bedrock that the World Wide Web rests on, so too do I believe that the geospatial web necessarily must be built on a foundation of OS Geo software. My continuing thoughts on all of this can be found at
Michael P. Gerlek LizardTech Promotion and Visibility Committee (47.673166,-122.530143) Engineer at LizardTech, doing MrSID and JPEG 2000 stuff and playing with with the next generation of technologies for supporting raster data GIS workflows. Yes, we're a closed-software shop -- but we support and use open source and open standards. I think there is room in the world for both the open and closed development models, and I have a strong interest in helping "closed" companies understand the value of, and contribute to, the open software world. User:mpg
Frank Warmerdam Independent GDAL/OGR, MapServer, Incubator, Board (45.45,-77.25) Lead developer of GDAL/OGR and freelance geospatial software developer.
Jason Birch City of Nanaimo Web Site, Promotion & Visibility (49.155, -124.005) I am a long-time GIS/IT/'Net junkie, and am currently working for the City of Nanaimo's IT department as a Sr. Applications Analyst (GIS Specialist). I am excited about what I see happening in the open source geospatial world, with OSGeo as a catalyst. User:Jasonbirch
Howard Butler Hobu, Inc Web Site Committee, (42.00, -93.00) MapServer hacker, MTSC member. GDAL hacker. ESRI ArcSDE hack. Purveyor of Windows binary builds User:hobu
Markus Neteler ITC-irst, CEA, GDF Hannover GRASS GIS, Board, Promotion & Visibility (46.06714, 11.15113) Developer of GRASS GIS, researcher at ITC-irst + CEA, Trento, Italy and co-founder of GDF Hannover User:neteler
R. Paul Warriner Town of Orchard Park Web Site Committee (43.17, -78.69) Network Coordinator, old oil field hand (really, I do know what a frac job is), started with remote data comm. from well sites in '84 as a truckdriver, turned computer jockey by Linux in '93, found ArcView 1.0 the same year (I think), and the rest is ..... (oh yeah, I did some of that Calculus, Organic Chemistry, and Thermo thingy stuff along the way). User:RPaulW
Bart van den Eijnden OSGIS Chameleon, (52.0768396070808, 5.12454) Freelancer working with several open source GIS tools, mainly Chameleon, Mapserver and Geoserver.


Helena Mitasova North Carolina State University GRASS GIS, Curriculum project (35.77, -78.69) Researcher at NCSU (geospatial technology, environmental modeling, sustainable development), Developer of GRASS GIS. User:Helena
Daniel Morissette Mapgears MapServer, GDAL/OGR (48.42, -71.04) Involved in MapServer, GDAL/OGR and most projects, mostly around webmapping and data access and distribution. User:dmorissette
Ari Jolma TKK GDAL/OGR, Curriculum project (60° 16' , 24° 47' 4) Professor at TKK, Finland (geoinformatics, environmental information systems, water resources systems), just another Perl hacker User:ajolma
Jeff McKenna DM Solutions Group MapServer (45.401397610, -75.725861625) MapServer documentation, MS4W maintainer, maptools co-maintainer. User:jmckenna
Ian Turton workblog GeoTools (40.7932, -77.847) GeoTools founder and developer, GeoVistaStudio benevolent dictator, GeoServer user. User:ianturton
David Blasby The Open Planning Project, GeoServer, GeoTools GeoTools (varies) Currently, I'm the Project Lead for Geoserver and am on the GeoTools Project Management Committee. I'm just starting a GeoWiki (Public Participation GIS) (please contact me if you're interested). I was the orginal creator of PostGIS, and have contributed to several OS GIS projects, including JTS, JUMP, and Mapserver.
Andrey Kiselev "Radar" R&D Centre (Russia) GDAL/OGR (60.04,30.33) Freelance developer and contributor to GDAL/OGR project.
Helton Uchoa Geolivre Community, Open 3D GIS Project Web Site Committee and Public Geospatial Data Project (-22.96, -43.11) I'm a Geomatics Enginner and I work at OpenGEO Company as a GIS Specialist. I'm responsible for many GIS projects using FOSS and the OpenGIS Specifications in Brazil and I have some relevant papers and scientific articles presented in Brazilian and Latin-American conferences and published in scientific magazines. In last year, I have helped, as a teacher, introduce the GNU/FSF philosophy at the Transportation Engineering Department of IME (Military Institute of Engineering - IME, Brazil). I have worked in Geolivre Rio 2004 and 2005 as member of organization commitee. Now I'm working in Geolivre Conference 2007. User:Uchoa
Toru Mori Orkney, Inc. MapServer, GRASS GIS (35.448, 139.642) President of Orkney, Inc. Advocate of Open Geospatial tools in Japan and Asia. Promote open geospatial data. User:moritoru
Allan Doyle EOGEO,MIT Museum,NASA Earth Science Data Systems Standards Process Group Public Geospatial Data Project (42.28, -71.24) President of EOGEO and International Interfaces, long-time geo-interoperability interests, opensourced (is that a verb?) OpenMap, originator of OGC testbed idea, Web Mapping Testbed, WMS spec editor, worked on WMS Context, GeoRSS. more details. BlogUser:adoyle
Ned Horning Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, American Museum of Natural History Curriculum project (43.9933, -73.0407) Program manager for remote sensing/GIS. Promoter of open source geospatial tools in the global conservation community.
Paul Spencer DM Solutions Group MapServer, Chameleon, kaMap, MapLab, MS4W, OpenEV (45.401397610, -75.725861625) CTO of DM Solutions Group, designer/developer/contributor to many open source packages, especially based on MapServer. Recent interest/focus is on AJAX clients for mapping applications. User:pagameba
Mark Lucas and ossim (27.9690219N, 080.5590534W altitude sea level + 5m) CTO, original founder of ImageLinks and Board of Directors Open Source Software Institute and the National Center for Open Source Policy and Research. Member of Open Technology Development Tiger team for the Department of Defense (USA). Lead a team of talented developers on the OSSIM and osgPlanet projects. Previously spent 22 years in the United States Air Force and National Reconnaissance Office and the Secretary of the Air Force Special Projects organization working with various classified programs. Prior to Radiant Blue Technologies, was a Lead Scientist for Intelligence Data Systems, Titan Corporation, and L3-Communciations. Personal Web site. User:mlucas17
Jo Walsh Open Knowledge Foundation,Mapping Hacks, Public Geodata Open Geodata committee (42.368297,-71.108696) Came to geospatial software through collaborative mapping on the semantic web work. Organising events to get geospatial hackers together with data-creating people and promote public access to state collected geodata. If you are in Europe please see Public Geodata and consider writing to an MEP about public domain data and "intellectual property rights" issues. If you collect GPS tracks, please consider uploading them to OpenStreetmap - my only real contribution to this project is to talk about it a lot. I co-wrote "Mapping Hacks" with Schuyler Erle and Rich Gibson, with a lot of contributions from OSGeo type of people. Last year wrote a lot of software using OSM and OpenGuides with Mapserver to provide a basis for collaborative local "portal" type services on community wireless networks. Now more interested in doing collaborative writing and research projects. User:JoWalsh
Dave McIlhagga DM Solutions Group Promotion and Visibility Committee (45.401397610, -75.725861625) President & CEO of DM Solutions Group. Active promoter of open source geospatial technologies. Led DM Solutions Group to become a major contributor and advocate of MapServer and development of key open source MapServer utilities including Chameleon, kaMap, MapLab, MS4W. Provided financial and resource support for setup of a key home for open source geospatial projects at MapTools. Led the organizing committee for OSGIS, the first Open Source Geospatial conference in North America which coincided with the second MapServer User Meeting. Spearheaded the integration of the two major open source geospatial conferences from North America and Europe/Asia, as the Free and Open Source Software for Geoinformations single international event to be held in Lausanne Switzerland. User:davemac
Pericles (Perry) Nacionales University of Minnesota Web Site Committee (44.9873167, -93.1851500) Promoter of open source geospatial technologies specially in the field of natural resources management and conservation, advocate of open and interoperability standards, MTSC member, author of MapServer Tutorial.
Norman Vine Independent (41:31:38N, 70:39:43W) Independent software developer User:Nhv
Mike Adair Natural Resources Canada/GeoConnections MapBuilder (45.27, -75.75) Contributor and member of MapBuilder PMC. Interested primarily in AJAX client technology for mapping, but also in the whole SDI stack. User:madair
Stefan F. Keller University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (HSR), Institute for Software, Switzerland JavaWPS (47.2240, 8.8181) Promoter of open source technologies specially in the field of information retrieval, databases, GIS and visualization. Advocate of open and interoperability standards, member of national GIS standardization (e-geo, SNV) and umbrella (SOGI) organizations. Creator of, one of the first search engines for geospatial services (WMS, Lucene-based), metadata and online maps; contributor of geo-webservices for german Wikipedia. User:Sfkeller
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