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* [[Pekka Sarkola]] - Finnish local chapter (OSGeo Suomi)
* [[Pekka Sarkola]] - Finnish local chapter (OSGeo Suomi)
* [[User:Lucadelu|Luca Delucchi]] - Italia local chapter
* [[User:Lucadelu|Luca Delucchi]] - Italia local chapter
* [[User:Jachym]] secretary report
* ''add your name and topic''
* ''add your name and topic''

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Venue / Timing

  • WHEN: Thursday 17 September, from 17:10-18:00
  • WHERE: in the main plenary hall, GrandBallroom B, during FOSS4G Seoul
  • DURATION: 1 hour (can go later if necessary)


The Annual General Meeting for OSGeo is open to everybody. The goal is to share details of the activities of the foundation, from committees and local chapters all around the world.

Possible format:

The AGM itself will be a succession of lightning talks (presentations limited to three or four minutes) given by you in your role as Local Chapter representative, Chair of a committee, representative of a software project, OSGeo director or administrator or whatever else makes up OSGeo. If you feel like you have to say something please add yourself to the list.

Lightning Talks

Future FOSS4G Events

  • Till Adams
    • agreement for seed money and financial backup of FOSS4G events between OSGeo and LOC
    • add need for risk analysis to FOSS4G proposals
    • do we need a general legal entity for FOSS4G LOC's?

Open Q&A from OSGeo Members (and anybody interested)

  • add your name and question (or discussion topic)