Board Election 2013 Results

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Theses are the final results from the 2013 elections for the open seats of the OSGeo Board of Directors. There were four seats open and they have been filled by (in no particular order):

Thanks to all candidates for going through the elections and exposing themselves. All six candidates received excellent support with more then 50 votes each. Overall voting participation was 71% (128 out of 180) and there were no tie scores to arbitrate. Thank you to all who voted!

Your complete resulting Board is:

With the election results published the new board of directors becomes effective as of now.

Congratulations and please welcome the new and and re-elected OSGeo directors!

We wish to thank the outgoing directors for their continued support of OSGeo and for helping to run a fantastic organizations with a great membership and lots of energy. We thank all candidates who stood in this election and all OSGeo Charter Members for their contribution and votes.