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This board meeting has been scheduled for the 8th of August 2008 at 15:00 UTC (fixedtime), by phone and IRC (#osgeo) at the same time.

Communication will use the Conference Call facilities.



Transcript available at:

  • Meeting start 15:07 UTC
  • Attending: Ari, Arnulf, Frank, Howard, Markus, Tyler (5 directors, quorum)
  • Appoint secretary: Tyler
  • Review last meeting's minutes:
    • Arnulf moved to accept these meeting minutes, Frank seconded, all were in favour
  • Review and approve Official OSGeo Event Policy
  • Approve 2007 Financial Reports ( not passed through Finance Committee yet )
    • DRAFT - Financial Reports:
    • interest in giving the finance committee approval instead of leaving it for another month
    • MOTION: Hobu moved to accept the reports, pending the finance committee final approval, Jo seconded, all were in favour
  • Select officers - President, Treasurer and Secretary
    • Frank giving background..
    • Both president and treasurer - have stepped down, so now is time for discussing these changing roles
    • Frank is interested in the treasurer role
    • MOTION: Arnulf moved to select Frank as Treasurer, all were in favour
    • Discussed new president options, Arnulf is interested in the position
    • President candidates:
    • MOTION: Frank moved to select Arnulf as President, all were in favour
    • re: Secretary.. Tyler currently filling the position, Frank moved to leave him in the role.
    • MOTION: Frank moved to leave Tyler as Secretary, all were in favour
    • Discussing when new roles take effect
    • General agreement to let new roles take effect immediately
  • Update from Tyler ( )
    • Tyler discussed highlights
  • Frank moved to close the meeting, all were in favour
  • Next meeting tentatively planned for 1st Friday of the month.. 5st of September

15:49 UTC ============= meeting done==============