Board Meeting 2009-04-24

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This board meeting has been scheduled for the 24th of April 2009 at 20:00 UTC (fixedtime), by Skype and IRC (#osgeo) at the same time.

Communication will be using Skype voice, initiated by Tyler. Be sure to give him your Skype username.


  • Appoint meeting secretary
  • Review and approve Board Meeting 2009-03-13 minutes.
  • Approve FOSS4G 2009 Budget
    • See board-priv e-mail with budget attachments


  • Special meeting to discuss/pass FOSS4G budget
  • Attended: Bob Bray, Paul Ramsey, Howard Butler, Ari Jolma, Frank Warmerdam, Arnulf Christl, Markus Neteler, Jo Walsh, Jeroen Ticheler, Tyler Mitchell, Cameron Shorter (re: FOSS4G budget)
  • Scribe: Tyler
  • Cameron: gave overview of FOSS4G process
    • Some sponsors giving warning bells re: tightening belts due to economic outlook. Estimates moved from 500-700 down to 300-500 to keep conservative.
    • Have reviewed costs for also cancelling event. Now focused more than ever to make it a good go. Potentially cutting extras and code sprint related items.
    • this budget increases cost AU$100, plus a 5% to cover major computing society discounts we might offer... in return for their broader promotion. Still being discussed and worked on.
    • budget reduced sponsorship estimates. some other sponsors still pending. Some discussion of further sponsor ideas.
    • CARRIED: Arnulf motions to approve the FOSS4G 2009 budget and payment of invoice. Paul seconded, all were in favour.