Board Meeting 2011-07-07

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 7th of July 2011 at 17:00 UTC on IRC and follow up voting on Skype.


  • Review past minutes: Board Meeting 2011-05-05
  • FOSS4G 2011 update (Jeff)
  • Project sponsorship & donations (Tim)
    • new Bronze level ($1000 USD)
    • documentation on getting set up for donations
  • Paid membership levels (Tyler as per email)
  • Media sponsorship level (Tyler as per email sorry, guess Mac Mail doesn't word wrap by default :P)
  • Board
    • Charter elections
    • Scheduling of meetings and training during FOSS4G
  • Yearly update (?) of list of project/chapter/committee liaison/chairs
  • Discussion: How to develop a business plan for the next years?
  • please add to the agenda


Action Summary


  • Quorum, but not all participants can use skype voice to confirm votes, so no voting or motions took place
  1. FOSS4G 2011; Update from Jeff and Tyler
    1. registrations up to around 450 on monday...looking really good. Workshops filling...some like PG might go into a larger 120 cap room...good problems, record levels, expecting 800-900 attendees.
    2. Tyler has an "agreement" between GITA and OSGeo to sign off on.. but it's not contractual, merely spelling out areas of responsibility.
    3. We might run out of rooms in our room block soon - so that's a good problem to have, since selling the rooms, means we don't pay for the rest of the venue.
  2. Next item: Project sponsorships
    1. One of the things we have been observing with OpenLayers is that we have a number of small organizations which are interested in sponsoring OpenLayers at $1000.
    2. Reviewed project sponsorship levels/program:
    3. All agreed that proejcts should be free to set their own sponsorship levels, though staying with >$500.
    4. ACTION Frank or Chris to make formal motion amending project sponsorship levels to include Bronze and/or open level options
  3. "documentation on getting set up for donations" - deferred
  4. Paid membership levels
    1. Feedback from community at large is toward a paid level with some limited perk. Also, idea gains traction with local chapters.
    2. General debate on value and complexity of implementing. Decisions deferred to list, no one assigned to the project.
    3. Agreement that general membership management application needs to happen first anyway.
    4. ACTION Jeff tell us more about the membership app he uses with another nonprofit
  5. Media sponsorship level
    1. Debate about value of having more marketing. General agreement that it was worth pursuing.
    2. ACTION Tyler draft proposal for outlining media sponsor program for board discussion
  6. Charter & Director elections
    1. Discussion of next steps. Daniel offered to run elections.
    2. How many seats open for charter election?
    3. Confirmed 5 seats open for board election, including Markus, Chris, Ravi who are not going to run again
    4. Thank you gifts for outgoing directors?
  7. Scheduling of meetings and training during FOSS4G
    1. Discussed face to face Denver meeting. Best day seems following Sunday after code sprint (Sat).
    2. ACTION Tyler, Daniel looking for venue to meet. (Update: GeoIQ offered office space, see list)
  8. AGM
    1. Timing and venue open for discussion still. Tyler/Peter planned Friday, following closing of FOSS4G (3:45 closing). But earlier in week (only shorter slots available then) preferred by others, need to check times available. Challenging potential conflicts with BOFs.
    2. ACTION Jeff follow up with LOC to make sure a reasonable slot is selected, suggesting which is best.
    3. ACTION After AGM location/time is verified, Chris offered to organise the AGM itself.
  9. Other items deferred
  10. Meeting adjourned after ~1.5 hours