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This board meeting is scheduled for the 17th of October 2013 at 20.00 UTC on IRC and follow up voting on Skype or by email.


  • Discuss FOSS4G LOC vs OSGeo involvement
    • Need to setup processes for managing FOSS4G
      • Template Contract with PCO
      • Non-profit aspects (taxes vs PCO, extending nonprofit status to LOC, etc.)
      • See email from PDX committee
  • Make a formal motion about potential inactive Charter members
    • Proposal: Current OSGeo Charter members who have not voted in the last two board elections will be invited (via email) to move from the current OSGeo-Charter member list to a Past OSGeo Charter Members list, and will loose their voting rights. These emailed members may either respond with a commitment to vote in future board elections, or be moved. Not responding within 3 weeks would result in being moved.
  • Discuss possibility of extended Board meeting re: OSGeo priorities
    • Discuss OSGeo vision, mission, objectives, policies updates
    • Possible business-dev position to manage sponsor relations
    • Setup one or more working groups?
    • SAC issues
  • Discuss OSGeo involvement with partner organizations:
    • Building OSGeo-OGC synergies in Geospatial Education (following up discussions at FOSS4G 2013)

1) Updating OGC-OSGeo MoU :Strengthen OSGeo-OGC collaborations building upon the MoU and extending it to other areas of synergies (esp. In Geospatial Education).Jeff (OSGeo) and Denise (OGC) to work on the details.

2) Building up Geospatial Education Collaborations : OSGeo and OGC to work together in building geospatial education opportunities. We will work together to make available resources for geospatial standards education more accessible to educators worldwide. There is lot of synergies we can build upon the ICA-OSGeo labs initiative and network for further building up geospatial education opportunities for all. OSGeo representatives (Anne, Helena, Charlie, Suchith and others interested) and OGC representatives (Luis, Denise and others) to work on this.

3) Scheduling regular quarterly virtual meetings between representatives of our organizations. Jeff to follow up this with Mark, Denise (OGC) and finalize telemeeting arrangements.

    • OGC, LocationTech, OSGeo Sponsors, (others?)
    • Need champions for each one?
  • OSGeo servers infrastructure for FOSS4G-* conferences (FOSS4G-E in this case, web server, mailing lists, several mail addresses).
    • Is it common, what about other teams, how did they do it?
    • Is it required, does OSGeo want to provide such infrastructure?
  • Cleaning the list of contributors
    • where there seems to be no PDF version of the agreement available - or I did not look into right PDF. For example Frank, he is listed twice as contributor to FDO and GeoTools, with no link to PDF document - any hint?
    • some people are listed in Corporate Contributor License Agreement, maybe having them in database one-name-per-record would be better, then (for example) OSGeo|XLM|Rui Jorge Alves, Pedro Jorge Nunes Martins, Rui Miguel Travassos, Marcia Jesus Ferreira, Helder Antonio Brandao, Andre Soares Leite|Portugal|2013-09-03
    • we have to check all the documents we've recieved, whether they are signed or not and whether this is an issue or not. More concretely: The document nr. 074.PDF, which has all the names (metioned above), is not signed by any authority by hand, just name of the CEO is metioned. Is that an issue?
  • add your items here
  • Decide on who to report this meeting summary to the Discuss list
  • Schedule next meeting

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