Board Meeting 2015-04-09

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 9th of April 2015 at 15.00 UTC through IRC and follow up voting by email.


Current items

Items in italic are recurring at each meeting.

Move items from past meetings, or add new items, at will. Note that the discussion is limited to 1 hour.

  • roll call
  • appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  • Review and approve past minutes: Board Meeting 2015-03-05
  • brief treasurer report
  • "Geo for All" Student Awards request for seed funding (4k USD) (award wiki)
  • An Open Letter is being drafted requesting OGC/OGC Sponsors/ESRI back Open LiDAR standards. This letter should be ready to present within a week or two, ~ 20 April 2015. Request that the OSGeo Board officially endorse and present this letter once complete (as was done for the GeoServicesREST API letter). Contacts: Suchith Anand, Martin Isenburg, Cameron Shorter.
  • Proposing a Diversity statement for the Foundation
  • FOSS4G 2015 update
  • FOSS4G 2016 update
  • Request for funding OSGeo President's travel to enable expanding strategic level initiatives between OSGeo and ICA at ICC 2015 and SDI-Open 2015 (GeoforAll request)
  • Request for letter of support for Jan Hartmann (University of Amsterdam) - Dutch historical GIS based on the first cadastre of the Netherlands (1832)
  • Request for Funding QGIS Codesprint/ Developers meeting in Denmark May 2015 - for Lene Fischer (University of Copenhagen)
  • Request for OSGeo sponsorship for GRASS Community Sprint 2015 in Como (Link to application)
  • add your items here..

Items from past meetings

  • Beginning plans for a 2015 budget (similar to OSGeo Budget 2014)
  • Updating/Recording accurate foundation officers
    • Website committee chair not active (according to the chair)
    • Geodata committee not actively used (according to the chair)
    • Marketing committee without a chair
  • Updating/Recording accurate local chapters
  • Agree on 5-level project evaluation as proposed by Cameron [1]
  • OSGeo is now a registered 'organization' with OGC, and goal is to have all OSGeo "products"/projects listed there. (initial discussion on Projects list)
  • [UNASSIGNED] update Officers page (and any others) to reflect pycsw as a graduted OSGeo project
  • [Jeff] draft a letter at OGC XML Schemas and FOSS4G Software Distribution


  • Attending:
  • Presiding:
  • Scribing:

Also attended:

Assigned Tasks

  • [UNASSIGNED] task description

Motions (to be confirmed by email)

Motion +1 0 -1 Abstain Passed? Notes
Approve past meeting's minutes x x x x Yes/No

Full, raw minutes notes

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