Board Meeting 2016-6-09

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 9th of June 2016 at 14.00 UTC through IRC and follow up voting by email.


Current items


  • roll call
  • appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  • Approve last meeting minutes
  • Elections 2016 Election_2016
  • Sol Katz award
  • work with marketing committee on materials update
  • GWF Awards: Professional Society of 201?
  • OSGeo AGM at Bonn
  • OSGeo presentations at Bonn
  • GeoTools requests formal legal advice on copyright headers
  • Simone appointed as GeoServer project officer
  • Board F2F meeting at FOSS4G Bonn
  • add items

Items from previous meeting:

  • establish a new marketing committee and delegate marketing budget
  • Answer FOSS4G-LOC for accepting presentation
  • F2F meeting date at FOSS4G Bonn


  • Attending: Vasile, Venka, Helena, Michael, Dirk, Sanghee, Anita, Maxi, Jody
  • Presiding: venka
  • Scribing: vcraciunescu
  • Actions
    • pending


Motions here are to be confirmed by email for public record.

See email thread on the Board list.

Motion +1 0 -1 Abstain Passed Notes
MOT1: Approve prior meeting minutes from May 2016 Vasile, Venka, Helena, Michael, Dirk, Sanghee, Anita, Maxi, Jody Yes
MOT2: Provide formal legal advice to GeoTools on copyright headers Vasile, Venka, Helena, Sanghee, Anita, Maxi Yes
MOT3: MOT 3: Board face to face meeting evening of Aug 22-23 Vasile, Venka, Michael, Dirk, Sanghee, Anita, Jody Yes
MOT4: Next meeting 7 July (Thursday) Vasile, Venka, Helena, Michael, Dirk, Sanghee, Anita, Maxi, Jody Anita Yes

Tabled for email discussion

  • 2016 elections calendar (Vasile)

Action Items

  • Venka & Helena: discuss with Sol Katz award committee to start this year process
  • Mike: Refund Dirk for GWF expenses
  • Venka: Discuss with Sanjay from GWF and find a solution for the GWF award issue
  • Dirk: Setup a wiki page for this year AGM meeting
  • Mike: facilitate the contact of the GeoTools community with the open source lawyer we worked in the past for our IRS issues
  • Mike & Jody: organize the next hangout over e-mail

Full, raw minutes notes