Board Meeting 2017-11-21

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This board meeting is scheduled for 21 November 2017 (as continuation of previous meeting) at [1] through IRC and follow up voting on Loomio.


Current items

  • roll call
  • appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  • Approve previous meeting minutes
  • Review action items from previous meeting
  • Plan a F2F meeting
  • Review/revise sponsors program for 2018
  • Project review GDAL/OGR (2016-2017 report)
  • Projects review 2
  • Projects review 3
  • Projects review 4
  • Projects review 5
  • Discuss alternative to Dropbox
  • Discussion about Officer positions (President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary)
  • Dissolve Geodata Committee
  • Draft 2018 budget update (funds for website management need to be added, make it a funded position?)
  • Relationship with AGU & possible MoU (thread)
  • Request to leverage GSoC 500 USD grant for 1 student's travel to FOSDEM devroom 2018 (thread)
  • Usage of OSGeo logo and name
  • Discuss possibility of a Charter Members meeting, as part of the OSGeo Code Sprint in March (thread)