Board Meeting 2018-12-17

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 17th of December 2018 at 19:00 - 21:00 UTC, a record of motions is preserved on loomio and actions on osgeo todo issue tracker.

This is a F2F video meeting happening on


Current items

Items in italic are recurring at each meeting.

Note that this meeting is limited to 2 hours, and has as a priority on boarding our new board members.


  • Chair: Jody
  • Scribe: all



  • Jody
  • Angelos
  • Maria
  • Helena
  • Mike
  • Victoria
  • Tom
  • Astrid
  • Vicky (guest)

Review and approve past minutes

  • Jody starts by welcoming the new members of the board and going through the meeting points. We have to plan a real face to face meeting, where we will decide the officers and to settle down a bit.
  • Loomio has been updated, removing old board members and adding the new ones. Starting a new Loomio thread as a demo for new board members.


  • Voting procedure is explained, what a blocking means and how you can abstain with +0 or -0. Electronic voting need 100% of the votes but votes on a meeting only require voting. As a courtesy, we always pass an electronic voting even if the motion passed on a meeting.
  • Quick round about the continuity of using loomio. There’s agreement to continue using it, at least until there’s a better choice.

Loomio motion to approve last meeting minutes: Status: Open

Review actions from previous meeting

TODO28 Write news item to welcome new community projects

  • Jody will take care of this item. There has been some naming problems on the new projects.

TODO25 OGC CITE renewal

  • Angelos has informed the projects and QGIS answered this morning. We are waiting for the other projects to reply. pycsw will be tested again. MapServer testing is pending, GDAL has provided tests in the past. GeoServer and GeoNetwork need time and effort to be able to issue for testing.
  • Jody shows the OSGeo issue tracker and how it works.

TODO29 Compile a list of volunteers to contact projects for budget 2019

Welcome new board members!

  • Action: Reach out to CRO for an election update/report
  • Action: Reach out to foss4g committee for update on selection process. Done

Approve payment from marketing committee

  • Encourage the marketing committee to point a chair to get this forward.
  • Action: Motion on the marketing mailing list. Astrid doing it right now.
  • Discussion about location of bylaws on the web site.

F2F Meeting Discussion

  • Discussion about when and where to have the F2F meeting.
  • January seems hard to plan.
  • Thoughts about attending Code Sprint in Minneapolis. FOSS4G might be too late in the year for a F2F.
  • Video F2F is also considered, like last year.

2019 Planning

  • Maria: Help local events
  • Tom: Focus on OGC, new standards coming up and this is an opportunity for OSGeo.
  • Michael: long term treasurer
  • Angelos: contact to projects, work on project health status reports, contact to SAC, make sure SAC has what it needs to provide support to community
  • Victoria: involving more young people in OSGeo; GSoC and GCI - impact of this on growing the community
  • Astrid: continuing as secretary, work on marketing and events, publishing event and project pages, local chapters
  • Jody: Manage relationships and Org to Org outreach. Looking for help.

On boarding


  • Motion to close the meeting.
  • Next meeting on Thursday, another video meeting to start working on the budget.