Board Meeting 2021-05-31

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This board meeting is scheduled Monday 31 May 2021 at 15:00 UTC through Jitsi, a record of motions is preserved on loomio and actions on osgeo todo issue tracker.


Current items

  1. roll call
    • appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  2. Review and approve past minutes
  3. Accept the Open Data Cube Project as an OSGeo Community Project
  4. Update on FOSS4G 2021
  5. Approval for FOSS4G_2022_Bid_Process, Vasile request could be found here
  6. AGM planning - when, where? see page from last year Annual_General_Meeting_2020
  7. Update on the GSoC Org Stipend From the OSGeo GSoC Admin Team
  8. add your topic here


  • Presiding:
  • Scribing:
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  • Guests: