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A special drupal instance is available for board members and staff for managing confidential information. The CiviCRM applications that are install allowed several features:

  • Search for charters members, directors, officers contact information
  • Review past sponsorship contributions/donations
  • Create paid membership signup pages, or pages for taking donations and provide thank you gifts
  • and more...

To use it, here are a few scenarios:

  1. Email Tyler for a registration url
  2. Create a user account. After being "approved" and logging in...
  3. Select My Contact Dashboard - this takes you to the main civicrm start screen.
  4. Type a name into the top left search window to lookup a person or organisation. You can then choose to see more details about them.
  5. Select the search menu near top left, choose Find contacts and a new form appears.
    1. You can press search button to list all contacts in the database
    2. Or you can filter it based on one of the optional dropdowns, e.g. group = board, group=charter members
    3. After getting a list of contacts you can select them with checkboxes, choose to do a mailout, export to CSV, etc.
  6. Select the contributions menu top middle, choose find contributions. Similar to above step, you can filter or just press search button to find all contributions in a tabular layout.
    1. If you had chosen contributions --> dashboard you get a quick summary view of all donations entered so far

There are many many more features but these are likely the ones you'll mostly be interested in.