China Chapter Report 2007

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China Local Chapter

  • Period covered by report: Jan-Dec 2007
  • Contact name: Gao Ang

Key Accomplishments

  • Held regular meeting of OSGeo China chapter.
  • Put forward the activities of OSGeo China such as giving lectures for the Chinese University students.
  • Modify GRASS commands for data processing and analysis to C-API functions.
  • Build another GRASS GUI for Linux and Windows based on QT using C-APIs, similar to QGIS and ArcMAP.
  • Research and analysis Ingres database and try to enhance spatial extension.
  • Start open source project JavaPWS to implement the OGC-WPS Specification.
  • Publish three articles about Open Source GIS at <Programmer> magazine in Chinese.
  • Google Group Mail List for OSGeo China Members.

Areas for Improvement

  • We should organize open party for the technical discussion.
  • We should introduce OSGeo in more areas as meetings, magazines and events.
  • We should contact with other Asia countries related with OSGeo.
  • Add useful content to OSGeo China website.

Opportunities to Help

  • We are looking for more opportunities for cooperate and communication.
  • Encourage more people to join the OSGeo China mailing lists.
  • Make contribution for the local open source project related with GIS.

Outlook for 2008

  • Improve our presence in China, especially during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
  • Formalize the OSGeo China Local Chapter.
  • Publish more articles in magazines related with Free GIS.
  • Make plans to give lectures for the university student.