China Chapter Report 2009

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China Chapter

Key Accomplishments

  • Enhanced OSGeo China Website (in Chinese language).
  • Promote local OSGeo activites every month at OSGeo China Event.
  • 4 local sponsors, ESRI China, 3SNews, Sun China ERI and InfoQ China.
  • Organized "Monthly OSGeo Lecture" at Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Science.
  • OSGeo China Annual Report at FOSS4G 2009 conference.
  • Invite Prof.Venka from OSGeo Japan to give lecture at OSGeo China.

Areas for Improvement

  • Give lectures at local universities and promote the reputation of OSGeo.
  • Provide technical help at OSGeo China mail alias for the OS GIS users in China.

Opportunities to Help

  • Launch local sponsorship, which could help us to keep regular activities and visible.
  • Become sponsor of the China Chapter and support local activities in financial or event goods and materials.

Outlook for 2010

  • Enrich the local OSGeo China web site.
  • Organize off line activities and lectures for students and researchers.
  • Get more connect with other OSGeo local chapters.
  • Contributes to OSGeo event such as FOSS4G conference.
  • Organize annual local meeting according to FOSS4G Tokyo and FOSS4G Osaka.