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The Open Source Geospatial Foundation is a non profit organization and does not provide commercial services.

Business Ready Software

In some contexts software that is ready to use is called COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) software. There are several packages within OSGeo and the Free and Open Source context that can be used right off the shelf. Others like libraries or SOA infrastructure components need to be installed and configured individually, sometimes in highly complex large, productive environments. They might even need to by maintained on a daily basis, for example if security requirements (Confidentiality, Availability, Integrity) are exceptionally high. Free and Open Source Geospatial software is just as diverse as are the needs and corresponsding services.

Graduated OSGeo Software has gone through the Incubation Process and thus proven to follow the guidelines that have been set up to ensure several soft factors that a software project cannot always provide out of itself. These include legally clean code and use of external libraries, a functional community and a truely open governance and decision structure. Additionally several formal requirements are set up like the use of a code repository, bug tracking environment and support mechanism, most often through mailing lists.

Commercial use of OSGeo Software

These are excellent preconditions to use the software in Business contexts. To make most effective use of the software it can be helpful and in larger environments it can even be required to hire commercial service providers who can deliver solutions, support and service in time and through regular contracts. OSGeo does not provide these services herself but has set up a Service Provider Directory to make this information available to businesses and organizations in need of professional services and with a budget to afford them. OSGeo does not guarantee tht the information provided by this directory are correct and has no mechanism to check or control them. Information is provided as is. If you find information to be incorrect please contact uf througth the feedback link at the bottom of the Service Provider Search Interface.