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* [[Conference-Europe-2018]]
* [[Conference-Europe-2018]]
** [[FOSS4G-Europe-2018-Guimarães|FOSS4G-Europe, 2018, Guimarães, Portugal]]
[[Category: FOSS4G]]
[[Category: FOSS4G]]
[[Category: FOSS4G-Europe]]
[[Category: FOSS4G-Europe]]

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FOSS4G for Europe (formerly FOSS4G for Central and Eastern Europe).


  • Spread OSGeo and FOSS4G ideas in the region
  • Bring people (researchers, educators, developers and users) together
  • INSPIRE issues, regarding FOSS4G
  • Discuss region-specific issues
  • Education, focus on students

Please, refer the FOSS4G-Europe Manifesto for further details.


Mailing list


Past Events

Planned events