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Call for venue


FOSS4G-Europe conference committee invites all interested groups from Europe to Call for venue

The proposals shall be submitted by 2016-08-15 to Conference-europe mailing list.

Parameters of the propsal

  • Expect around 400-500 attendees (numbers are growing from 100+ at FOSS4G-CEE 2012, Prague, to 400 people FOSS4G-Europe, Como)
  • Communication language is English
  • Last FOSS4G-Europe was 3 days conference, with 5 parallel sessions, each talk was arranged for 25 minutes (including discussions)
  • Please consider also, that workshops are part of the conference, you shall organise rooms, ideally with computers. There were 12 workshops during last FOSS4G-Europe, 4 hours each
  • You should provide also several rooms during the conference, for BOF meetings
  • Usually Code Sprint events are part of the conference - it is preferred, if you could arrange rooms at least after or before the conference itself (about 1-2 days), if you could cover both time frames, it would be appreciated.
  • Please, refer FOSS4G-Europe Manifesto for further details
  • We believe, students are our future - please take significant discount for students into your budget proposal

Position of the Local organisation committee to OSGeo and Conference committee Europe

  • The FOSS4G-Europe Conference committee will, after the selection process, "kindly ask" the best venue offer, to host FOSS4G-Europe on behalf of OSGeo
  • There is possibility to negotiate with for the seeding money for necessary spending under the condition, that the LOC will guarantee at least balanced budget during the final countings. The seeding money shall be negotiated with OSGeo Board of directors
  • Programm committee shall be delegated from nominees from LOC as well as OSGeo on mutual understanding manner.