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* The new charter members for 2016 are (in alphabetical order)
* The new charter members for 2016 are (in alphabetical order)
* Andy Anderson (United States of America)
# Andy Anderson (United States of America)
* Bogdan Grama (Romania)  
# Bogdan Grama (Romania)  
* Brent Wood  (New Zealand)  
# Brent Wood  (New Zealand)  
* Daniel Urdă (Romania)
# Daniel Urdă (Romania)
* Daniel Berry (United States of America)
# Daniel Berry (United States of America)
* David Mateos (Spain)  
# David Mateos (Spain)  
* Denis Rouzaud (Switzerland)
# Denis Rouzaud (Switzerland)
* Erik Meerburg (Netherlands)  
# Erik Meerburg (Netherlands)  
* Gaël Kruwialis (Belgium)
# Gaël Kruwialis (Belgium)
* Hugo Mercier (France)
# Hugo Mercier (France)
* Jerome St-Louis (Canada)
# Jerome St-Louis (Canada)
* Jonas Eberle (Germany)  
# Jonas Eberle (Germany)  
* Jorge Luis Batista (Cuba)  
# Jorge Luis Batista (Cuba)  
* Junyoung Choi (South Korea)  
# Junyoung Choi (South Korea)  
* Larry  Shaffer (United States of America)
# Larry  Shaffer (United States of America)
* Luigi  Pirelli (Spain)  
# Luigi  Pirelli (Spain)  
* Luís de Sousa (Switzerland)  
# Luís de Sousa (Switzerland)  
* Martin Dobias (Czech Republic)  
# Martin Dobias (Czech Republic)  
* Matthias Kuhn (Switzerland)  
# Matthias Kuhn (Switzerland)  
* Mirko Cardoso (Switzerland)  
# Mirko Cardoso (Switzerland)  
* Monia Molinari (Italy)
# Monia Molinari (Italy)
* Pedro Pereira (Portugal)  
# Pedro Pereira (Portugal)  
* Rafael Roset (Spain)
# Rafael Roset (Spain)
* Rama Murthy Soma (India)  
# Rama Murthy Soma (India)  
* Santiago Higuera (Spain)
# Santiago Higuera (Spain)
* Sara Safavi (United States of America)
# Sara Safavi (United States of America)
* Shailesh Chaure (India)
# Shailesh Chaure (India)
* Tommy Oozeer (Belgium)  
# Tommy Oozeer (Belgium)  
* Tudor  Bărăscu (Romania)  
# Tudor  Bărăscu (Romania)  
* Vasanthi  Hargyono (Indonesia)  
# Vasanthi  Hargyono (Indonesia)  
* Victoria Rautenbach (South Africa)  
# Victoria Rautenbach (South Africa)  
* Vincent  Mora (France)  
# Vincent  Mora (France)  
* Werner Macho (Austria)
# Werner Macho (Austria)
== Board Election ==
== Board Election ==

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The 2016 OSGeo the Charter Members election will take place in July 2016, followed by the Board nominations and elections in July/August so that new board members have a chance to possibly meet face-to-face at FOSS4G in Bonn, Germany in August.

Charter Member Election

As every year we are electing new Charter Members into the Foundation.

Nominate new Charter Members: 2016-07-04 to 2016-07-21 (2 weeks and three days)

  • Please confirm with the nominated person first!
  • Please email cro@osgeo.org with their name, contact email and paragraph describing why you are recommending this person as a Charter Member
  • As per nominations process, the CRO will contact the nominated person and confirm they are willing to participate and then forward the nomination to the Discuss mailing list for further discussion (see next point).
  • The list of nominees will be compiled at: New Member Nominations 2016.

Nominated Member Introductions

  • During the period between a nomination and the start of the election, charter member nominees are encouraged to introduce themselves on the OSGeo discussion list (discuss@lists.osgeo.org). The nominee may optionally reference their OSGeo Advocate profile and create a profile if it doesn't exist.

Vote for new Charter Members: 2016-07-22 to 2016-07-30 (1 week)

  • will likely use the same Electronic Voting system that was setup last year
  • Session expiration time was too short and some members reported loosing their votes, this need to be addressed for this election.

Final Status

  • Following our new Membership Process, all candidates passed the criteria to be accepted as new OSGeo Charter Members.
  • The new charter members for 2016 are (in alphabetical order)
  1. Andy Anderson (United States of America)
  2. Bogdan Grama (Romania)
  3. Brent Wood (New Zealand)
  4. Daniel Urdă (Romania)
  5. Daniel Berry (United States of America)
  6. David Mateos (Spain)
  7. Denis Rouzaud (Switzerland)
  8. Erik Meerburg (Netherlands)
  9. Gaël Kruwialis (Belgium)
  10. Hugo Mercier (France)
  11. Jerome St-Louis (Canada)
  12. Jonas Eberle (Germany)
  13. Jorge Luis Batista (Cuba)
  14. Junyoung Choi (South Korea)
  15. Larry Shaffer (United States of America)
  16. Luigi Pirelli (Spain)
  17. Luís de Sousa (Switzerland)
  18. Martin Dobias (Czech Republic)
  19. Matthias Kuhn (Switzerland)
  20. Mirko Cardoso (Switzerland)
  21. Monia Molinari (Italy)
  22. Pedro Pereira (Portugal)
  23. Rafael Roset (Spain)
  24. Rama Murthy Soma (India)
  25. Santiago Higuera (Spain)
  26. Sara Safavi (United States of America)
  27. Shailesh Chaure (India)
  28. Tommy Oozeer (Belgium)
  29. Tudor Bărăscu (Romania)
  30. Vasanthi Hargyono (Indonesia)
  31. Victoria Rautenbach (South Africa)
  32. Vincent Mora (France)
  33. Werner Macho (Austria)

Board Election

Nominate new Board Members - 2016-07-27 - 2016-08-10 (2 weeks)

  • Please confirm with the person that they would like to stand for election as a Board member.
  • Email a nomination, consisting of name, current country of residence and a paragraph describing why you think this person would make a good Board member, to cro@osgeo.org by 12:00 GMT on Thursday 18 August 2016
  • Remember that only the Charter Members are eligible for a seat on the Board and voting but that anybody can nominate a board member.
  • The final list will be collected at Board Member Nominations 2016

Vote for new Board Members - 2016-08-11 - 2016-08-18 (1 week)