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OSGeo Member
Name: Erik Meerburg Geogoeroe.jpg
Job Title: Initiator & educator
Company: Geo Academie
Address: Pieterstraat 23
City: Delft
State: Always positive
Country: Nederland
Local Chapter: OSGeo.NL
Phone: +31628167631
Instant Messaging:
Language(s): Dutch; English
Personal Description : Founded the Geo Academie, based a strong belief that education in geo-information is more than ‘knowing which buttons to push’. Sees developments like open source software, neographers and crowdsourcing as the most promising in years and recognizes the challenge that it provides to traditional geo-information science. Organizer of the (only?) Maptime Summercamp @GeoFort. Doing voluntary work for MissingMaps. Rotarian. Husband, father, cat owner. Guitar and bass player. Quite forgetful.
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