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* [[User:Jachym|Jachym Cepicky]] Secretary
* [[User:Jachym|Jachym Cepicky]] Secretary
* [[User:dirkf | Dirk Frigne]] Vice President  
* [[User:dirkf | Dirk Frigne]] Vice President  
* [[User:ajolma | Ari Jolma]] Member of the board or the OSGeo Finland chapter, OSGeo charter member
* ADD YOURSELF - indicate, you were here
* ADD YOURSELF - indicate, you were here

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FOSS4G Europe 2017

  • Write e-mail to conference committe to accepte Gerarld's proposal

OSGeo Europe Local Chapter

Agenda (based on Maxi's mail)

Why there was not discussion?

  • Needed for boar approval
  • At least summary of off-line discussion
  • use eu-at-lists.osgeo-dot-org !!!
  • It's about Europe not EU

Local chapters charter members

  • OSGeo-global charter members based in Europe are automatically charter members of OSGeo-Europe local chapter

Contact on local chapters

FOSS4G Europe relation ship

  • It will be organised on the local "local chapter" or local LOC, no relationship with europe local chapter is needed

Action items

  • Jachym - write to mailing list about foss4g europe
  • Dirk, Maria, et co. - Bylaws
  • Possibly do it EU-registered (find out)