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In addition to the general Director Responsibilities of the Board, these are the basic Executive Positions, assigned by and reporting to the Board. The basis for all of these roles is established in the OSGeo Bylaws.


  • Serves as chair of the board and its meetings, if the chair-of-the-board is unavailable
  • Public face of the organization
  • Reports to Board
  • Responsible for many activities, may empower others (such as a Vice-President) to act

Vice President (x3)

  • Work closely with the President
  • Assists with the public face of the organization
  • Reports to Board
  • Assist in signing of financial contracts and formal agreements, authority delegated via president


  • Oversee financial processes and policy
  • Present budgets, reports and statements
  • Chairs Finance Committee and reports to Board
  • Day to day bookkeeping is outsourced or done by hired staff


  • Keeping track of Board meeting minutes
  • Maintaining director and member contact information
  • Filing official reports to government
  • Keeps corporate records
  • Reports to Board



  • A website discussing Board roles, etc. here