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OSGeo stand at FOSDEM 2014

FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Developer Meeting) is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community for the community. The goal is to provide open source software developers and communities a place to meet to.

This year, OSGeo will participate with a stand. The stand aims to be the meeting point for the OSGeo members of German, Belgian, Dutch and French chapters, as well as open source geospatial enthusiasts.

Date and location

1-2 February, ULB Solbosch Campus, Brussels, Belgium, Europe, Earth.

Organisation of the stand

OSGeo has been assigned a stand in the K building: N. 18, between OSM and GSoC, a very nice placement.

The stand offered by FOSDEM consists of:

  • one 180x80cm table, positioned in one of the buildings with developer rooms, for the entire duration of the conference. In some cases, a second table may be possible, if you have a good reason to need two.
  • two chairs per table
  • one power socket type C/E (if you require adapters or additional sockets, please bring them yourself)
  • fast uplink shared wireless Internet access

The stand should be occupied by at least two people for the duration of the conference.

Source:FOSDEM Call for participation

The organiser of OSGeo participation is Anne Ghisla, with the help of local OSGeo members.


The stand should provide English versions of the marketing material, and German/Dutch/French/.. where available. Please add a line in the table for each item type you wish to bring.

(Anne) Given the high proportion of smartphone users, it makes sense to print few QR codes that link to OSGeo, local chapter homepages, and so on. I take care of it. Please add below more links that you think should be available as QR codes.

IMPORTANT: it is not possible to send material to ULB directly. There is no storage space nor logistics to deal with packages.

Item Quantity Available (name) To be ordered (name)
OSGeo banner (in front of the table, ~150cm long) 1 Anne (from FOSSGIS) -
OSGeo roll-up 1 Anne (from FOSSGIS) -
OSGeo card w/ list of projects 200 Anne -
Brochure 200 Anne -
Laptop + monitor + multiplug for slideshow 1 Anne -
Some geo-objects like a globe and a compass Anne: a compass -
Map printouts from OSGeo software, also for give away as many as possible! QGIS, GRASS GIS... Anne: slideshow more are welcome
More material from Local chapters (add here)


FOSDEM requires at least 2 people at the stand for the whole duration of the conference. It will be nice to have German, Dutch and French-speaking volunteers at all times.


This is a suggestion for time sharing at the stand. Make sure you check the talks schedule, to avoid overlaps!

Datetime Volunteers
Sat 1 Feb, 9:00 - 12:00 (setup and opening) Anne, Dirk
Sat 1 Feb, 12:00 - 15:00 Anne, Madi, Dirk
Sat 1 Feb, 15:00 - 18:00 Anne, Johan, Dirk
Sun 2 Feb, 9:00 - 12:00 Anne, Johan
Sun 2 Feb, 12:00 - 15:00 Anne, Johan
Sun 2 Feb, 15:00 - 18:00 (closing) Anne, Johan

Interested in participating?

Please write your name (best with link to OSGeo profile) here, and any useful information (time availability, material you can bring, languages you speak)

  • Anne - available for the whole duration of conference, speaks en/it/fr
  • Margherita Di Leo - available for the whole duration of conference, no material available so far, speaks en/it/sp
  • Just van den Broecke - not yet sure if I'll be at conference, if so may present, Dutch Language OSGeo Chapter, speaks nl/en/de/fr
  • Johan Van de Wauw - as I'm helping with the organisation of FOSDEM also, this means I'm not available on saterday before noon, but can already set up some things on fridayevening. Speaks nl/en/fr.
  • Dirk Frigne - available for the whole duration of conference, no material available so far, speaks nl/en/fr
  • Add yourself here


FOSDEM 2014 has been once more a great gathering of developers and open source fans. The location of the stand was pretty good, we have nearly merged our stands with our neighbours OSM and Google SoC and frequently redirected people to each other. Many people did not know OSGeo at all, so it has been a good occasion to speak about the geospatial projects to someone else than people who are already in the field.

All the flyers have been handed out, and only few business cards are left. Thanks to FOSSGIS for lending us the OSGeo banner!

Dirk and Anne have been interviewed by Ken Fallon, correspondent of Hacker Public Radio. The interview is available for download at Hacker Public Radio website.

Next year we plan to ask for a shared stand with OSM, and organise a Geospatial devroom with like-minded orgs. See the FOSDEM 2015 Geospatial Devroom!