FOSS4G2007 Workshops

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FOSS4G 2007 Workshops

Committee Members

  • Jeff McKenna (chair)
  • Jason Birch
  • Aaron Racicot
  • Olivier Ertz

First Meeting

Workshop Duration and Scheduling


  • 40 computers in the rental budget
  • another 20 slated as loaners from Nanaimo
  • other options? (bring-your-own etc.)

Room Availability


Call for Abstracts

  • by when?
  • interface for abstract submission? (something similar to FOSS4G2006's Indico?)

Software Installation

  • LiveCD for Linux
  • MS4W installer for Windows
  • other?
  • attendees come with laptops and software installed?


  • local person to deal with venue's tech staff?

Questions for Organising Committee

- Number and dimension of rooms, tables (how many PCs /people can we fit in a room)

Feedback from Past Conferences (things to note)

  • overcrowded workshops are bad
  • registrants could possibly list their "top 4" workshop selections
  • LiveCD for linux workshops very successful
  • grouping workshops by room "theme" successful (MapServer room, GRASS room, ...)