FOSS4G2008 Comments

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Things That Rocked

  • The food rocked (+3)
  • The Lightning Talks rocked
  • Having a primary hotel (Fountains)
  • Lots of interested people attending (+1)
  • LiveDVD was grabbed a lot
  • good support for academic track
  • main conference venue CTICC rocked!
  • significant regional representation rocked!

Things That Sucked

  • Network bandwidth (sometimes) sucked (+2)
  • Missing presenters (+2)
  • The full conference timetable should be hosted (in navigable form) in the OSGeo conf system, not in systems like GoogleDocs where it will likely not preserved for the next years (+2)
  • please add the presenter names to the conference planner (+2)
  • the code sprint ending at 5pm sucked
  • buses to workshops sucked

Other Things

  • 2009: provide copy station for DVD and USB sticks at OSGeo booth so that folks can carry software/data/docs home