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Foss4G2008 LOC Member Contact Details

Name: Alize Botha
Phone: 084 5141966 / 012 8413242
Area of Responsiblity: Technical tours and Educational outreach activities
Other relevant/ interesting info: Sunday 28th - Thursday 2nd
Name: Burnie Nawn
Phone: 0721345352
Area of Responsiblity: Workshops/Labs & venues for these/PC's & AV equipment
Other relevant/ interesting info: Sat 27th - Sat 4th
Name: Mandy Vickers   
Phone: 083 278 4056
Area of Responsiblity: Posters
Other relevant/ interesting info: Sunday 28th - Friday 3rd
Name: Inge Netterberg
Area of Responsiblity: Technical programme
Other relevant/ interesting info: not available Sat 27th pm
Name: Carrin Martin
Phone: 072 1448510
Area of Responsiblity: Plenaries, education outreach, GISSA notices, engineers CPD
accreditation, GISSA stand. Will be available generally to assist.
Other relevant/ interesting info: Arriving on Saturday mid day to help with bag packing and registration,and leaving Saturday mid-morning in case we need to entertain people on Friday night
Name: Tim Sutton
Phone: 071 407 6101
Area of Responsiblity: Code Sprint, lightning talks, demo theatre
Other relevant/ interesting info: 27th - 4th
Name: Russell Hope
Phone: 084 444 3686
Area of Responsiblity: Volunteer coordinator
Other relevant/ interesting info: attending Monday
Name: Serena Coetzee
Phone: 082 464 4294
Area of Responsiblity: Academic track
Other relevant/ interesting info: Sunday afternoon 28th - Thursday evening 2nd
Name: Jeff McKenna
Area of Responsiblity: OSGeo rep, workshop subcommittee
Other relevant/ interesting info: Saturday 27th (to help with workshop room setup on Sunday)
Name:Daina Mudimbu 
Phone: 082 880 7571
Area of Responsiblity: Marketing, communications, PR
Other relevant/ interesting info: Arriving Sunday 28th after 4pm leaving Saturday 
Name: Graeme McFerren 
Phone: 083 540 5108
Area of Responsiblity: Workshops and Labs, website, guest speaker
Other relevant/ interesting info:  from the Friday morning 26th September (workshop setup) - Sunday evening 5th October
Name: Magda Roos
Phone: 083 611 1161
Area of Responsiblity: Exhibition coordinator and sponsor liaison
Other relevant/ interesting info: 28th - 3rd
Name: Gavin Fleming
Phone: 0845965680
Area of Responsiblity: general dog's body - all over the place!
Other relevant/ interesting info: 27th - 4th
Name: Petro Farrell, Karryn Gracey
Phone: 0827805111, 0829000021
Area of Responsiblity: Registration, Gala dinner, buses, CTICC liaison, airport transfers
Other relevant/ interesting info:

Social Venues

Places to eat and drink in and around the various venue locations. Also, a schedule of what is happening socially.

Places to meet and eat:

  • Cocoa Expresso - Vodacom Building, Pier Place, Foreshore - opens early for breakfast. Good for coffees, lunches, snacks and meeting outside the CTICC (free WIFI). Within walking distance - across the road and one block away.(6.30am - 4pm)
  • V&A Waterfront - many pubs, restaurants and coffee shops - can walk there (15 minutes?) or take a taxi.
  • Cocoa Wah Wah - 18 Main Road Rondebosch - close to UCT and open day and night (a popular student venue with free wifi open 7am - 11pm)

Schedule of planned social events:

  • Monday 29th - Ice breaker cocktail event
  • Tuesday 30th
  • Wednesday 1st - Banquet at Moyo in Stellenbosch
  • Thursday 2nd
  • Friday 3rd
  • Saturday 4th