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Placeholder for organizing the OSGeo Booth at FOSS4G 2013, similar to previous year: FOSS4G2011 OSGeo Booth.

Event Contact: Jeff McKenna / Ian Edwards

Floor Plan

OSGeo has requested spots G3 or G4 in the Banqueting Suite. Notes from the organizing committee on the locations:

Sponsors will be in two locations in the conference centre – half of the Banqueting Suite and the Atrium. The Banqueting Suite is the larger of the two spaces and is at the back of the venue with traffic coming through from the Geo-camp. The Atrium is by the reception desk and the bar. Both spaces will have catering points, we are hoping to have up to 800 delegates so both rooms will be full!

Floorplan: Banqueting Suite
Floorplan: Atrium

Booth Size

OSGeo has a Medium sized area 3m X 1.5m, the same as offered to Gold sponsors (the yellow areas in the above images).

*******Note that actual booths/tables are not provided, only floor spaces.*******


Setup and Takedown times have been confirmed with LOC. Notes from the LOC Chair:

Both exhibition areas are situated adjacent to food and drink service points, so you should expect peak delegate flows to be around coffee and meal breaks.

The atrium is close to the main entrance and registration and has some informal seating areas close by. The Banqueting Hall is close to the main auditorium and is the route through to the GeoCamp which delegates will be using for informal meetings and networking throughout the even.

The venue will be open to delegates from 8.30 am each morning, it is up to you to decide what hours you wish to staff your space. I would expect there to be a limited delegate flow once the afternoon plenaries have started.

Day Hours
Wed Sep 18th 5-6pm Move in/set up during this time (can go later if need be)
Thurs Sep 19th 9am-6pm Regular hours, sessions running, etc.
Fri Sep 20th 9am-6pm Regular hours
Sat Sep 21st 9am-4pm Regular hours
4-5pm Move out

conference program: day1 / day2 / day3

Signup Schedule

Day Hours Booth Team (two each slot)...
Wed Sep 18th 5-6pm Set up JeffM, Ian Edwards, some Board members ...
Thurs Sep 19th 9-11am Regular hours (Plenary session: welcome and introduction)
11am-1pm Regular hours Anne
1-3pm Regular hours Astrid Emde
3-5pm Regular hours Jorge Sanz, Anne
5-6pm (1 hour slot) Regular hours (Afternoon wrap-up)
Fri Sep 20th 9-11am Regular hours ...
11am-1pm Regular hours Anne
1-3pm Regular hours ...
3-5pm Regular hours ...
5-6pm (1 hour slot) Regular hours (MetOffice Hackaton Award, Sol Katz award, Keynotes)
Sat Sep 21st 9-11am Regular hours ...
11am-1pm Regular hours ...
1-3pm Regular hours Angelos Tzotsos
3-4pm (1 hour slot) Regular hours ...
4-5pm Move out JeffM, Ian Edwards, Anne ...

conference program: thurs / fri / sat


Ian Edwards (UK) will source a table, drape, chairs and a 19" monitor + possibly a laptop running OSGeo live (no HDD).

Other possible needs:
  • OSGeo's floor space for this booth is 3m X 1.5m.
  • Volunteers should bring their own laptop if possible. Maybe have a larger desktop monitor there too. Or projector?
  • Banners?
    • The OSGeo Spanish LC has a popup banner from FOSS4G 2010. It's in Madrid or Valencia (photo). Contact Jorge Sanz or Pedro-Juan Ferrer.
      • Jorge will bring popup banner, likely checked as extra bag on plane (jeffm)
    • OSGeo UK has a banner, Suchith to provide - no known photo available
      • thank you Suchith (jeffm)
  • Consider adding 1 "discussion" pedestal table and chairs?
  • Wireless internet will be available throughout the venue, but there will be no wired access?


The local committee has offered to print materials locally, if we provide docs in SVN (please provide known links), such as:

  • Brochure (needs updating): pdf odg
  • Projects Business Card (needs updating): pdf
  • Poster showing sponsors?????
  • ...

Time is short for getting items printed


What kinds of live demonstrations or recorded examples can be played at the booth? Where can they be downloaded from or who can run them?

  • If there are multiple booth volunteers, therefore multiple laptops, might simplify by having canned demos/videos, manual demos, and associated data living on a server somewhere.
  • OSGeo Live - Everyone is getting a DVD or USB in their bag, so either boot from media or run in a Virtual Machine.


Review in case of updates or additions

  • place visible links to slides or videos here
  • OSGeo Live overview presentation

Other Considerations