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Placeholder for organizing the OSGeo Booth at FOSS4G 2014, similar to previous year: FOSS4G2013 OSGeo Booth.

Event Contacts: TBD

Floor Plan


Booth Size

10' x 10'


Oregon Convention Center

Day Hours
Wed Sep 10th 8:30am-11am setup, sessions running.
Wed Sep 10th 11am-7pm Regular hours, sessions running, etc.
Thurs Sep 11th 8am-4:30/5:30pm Regular hours
Fri Sep 12th 8am-1:30pm Regular hours
1:30-4:00pm Move out

conference program:

Signup Schedule

Day Hours Booth Team (2-3/slot)
Wed Sept 10th 8:30-11am Move in / Set up Jeff McKenna,Doug Newcomb
11am-1pm Regular hours (Exhibit Hall opens at 11AM; Event: Lunch in the Hall) AlanGlennon, Jeff McKenna
1-3pm Regular hours AlanGlennon, Jeff McKenna
3-4:30pm Regular hours AlanGlennon, Jeff McKenna
4:30-7pm Regular hours (Event: Drinks in Exhibit Hall) AlanGlennon, Jeff McKenna
Thurs Sept 11th 8-10am Regular hours (Exhibit Hall opens at 8AM) Jachym Cepicky
10am-11:30am Regular hours AlanGlennon
11:30am-1pm Regular hours (Event: Lunch in Exhibit Hall) AlanGlennon, Jachym Cepicky
1-3pm Regular hours AlanGlennon
3-5:30pm Regular hours (Exhibit Hall closes at 5:30PM: OSGeo AGM starts at 4:30 put up a sign at 4:30) AlanGlennon
Fri Sept 12th 8-10am Regular hours (Exhibit Hall opens at 8AM) Doug Newcomb
10am-11:30am Regular hours AlanGlennon
11:30am-1:30pm Regular hours (Event: Lunch in Exhibit Hall) AlanGlennon, Jachym Cepicky
1:30pm Move out / Tear down (Exhibit Hall closes at 1:30PM) Jeff McKenna, Jachym Cepicky


as travel with equipment is difficult, best scenario is these are provided by U.S.A. local chapters...

Possible needs:
   table?  drape? chairs?
   wired internet?
  • Volunteers should bring their own laptop if possible. Maybe have a larger desktop monitor there too. Or projector?
  • Banners?
    • PDX-OSGeo will provide our popup banner and table runner
    • PDX-OSGeo will provide two laptops runnint OSGeo-Live
    • I'll bring the GRASS and PostGIS In Action books. Other books could be helpful as well (i.e. QGIS, OpenLayers, GeoServer, etc)
    • Have requested that CUGOS and California Chapters bring their popup banners and other materials as well


  • The LOC can print some materials in limited numbers if asked in advance. In the past, we've used a small number of print materials for reference as opposed to handouts. We've used the things in marketing svn. Which materials do people want at the booth?


What kinds of live demonstrations or recorded examples can be played at the booth? Where can they be downloaded from or who can run them?

  • If there are multiple booth volunteers, therefore multiple laptops, might simplify by having canned demos/videos, manual demos, and associated data living on a server somewhere.
  • OSGeo Live - USB will be distributed from the OSGeo booth (300 are ordered), so either boot from media or run in a Virtual Machine.


Review in case of updates or additions

  • place visible links to slides or videos here
  • OSGeo Live overview presentation

Other Considerations