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The FOSS4G Installfest provides an informal, unstructured time slot after the workshops and prior to the start of the conference for users to meet project owners and get help installing software applications. All delegates will be given the FOSS4G 2009 Live DVD containing OSGeo software and installers.

Project owners should consider:

  1. Contacting the Live DVD community to assist with getting their software projects included on the Live DVD;
  2. Adding their name and project details to the Projects section, including details that will help users install and configure their applications during the InstallFest session;
  3. Indicating if you intend to attend the InstallFest by adding your name to the Attending section.

Note: If you will be helping out at the Code Sprint, please also consider helping out at the Installfest.


Doug White -

  • Add your name if you would like to help with the coordination of the InstallFest.

Time and Date

16:00 - 17:30 Tuesday 20 October, after workshops on the first day.


Anyone can add their project to the list below.

Project Contact(s) Notes
Project Contact(s)


  • Doug White
  • Cameron Shorter, LISAsoft
  • Dan Dye, WeoGeo