FOSS4G 2011 Breakout Sessions

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During the FOSS4G2011 conference in Denver, there will be conference rooms available for people to hold Breakout Sessions (aka Birds-of-a-Feather).

Breakout Sessions are unstructured timeslots where people can self-organize themselves to discuss topics of interest.

Room allocation to be determined

Organising Contact

Timeslots Available

Wednesday 5:30pm to 6:30pm and 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Room Assignments

Rooms Available

Proposed Topics


  • Proposed Topics
    • Overview
    • GeoMoose 2.6
    • Ideas for CodeSprint
    • Meet devlopers and learn how you can help.
  • Attending:



  • Proposed topics:
    • Brief overview
    • Get involved with the community!
    • Meet developers and institutional partners
      • Opportunities for work around the world, especially in South America and Indonesia
      • Positions available at the World Bank and OpenGeo
    • Join us for drinks afterwards!
  • Attending:



  • Proposed topics: governance models, federated searching and coordinating code development
  • Attending:
    • Stephen McDonald (Tufts)
    • Patrick Florance (Tufts)
    • Chris Barnett (Tufts)
    • David Siegel (Harvard)
    • Lisa Sweeney (MIT)
    • Garey Mills (Berkeley)
    • John Ridener (Berkeley)
    • Patricia Carbajales (Stanford)
    • Renzo Sanchez-Silva (Stanford)

Spatial Data InfraStructure (SDI)

  • Scheduling: 7pm - 8pm. Get started with these topics then go get some food/drinks together.
  • Proposed topics: data sharing and discovery, metadata, web services, and portals.
  • Attending:
    • Christine White (Esri)
    • Andy Gup (Esri)

Mobile GIS

Education / Academic

Spatial Databases

  • Proposed Topics
    • Do we need some more
    • Where are we heading to (distributed databases?)
    • Do the processing within the database or outside?
    • Add yours...
  • Attending:
    • Volker Mische (Couchbase)


  • Scheduling: let's not conflict with the Python session? maybe we should do something less formal another day if the BOF all conflict too much?
  • Proposed topics:
    • Community organization strategies
    • Meet and Greet

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  • Add yours below...