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Sylvan Ascent, Inc.
Sylvan Ascent, Inc.

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Overall Budget

Draft Budget Summary

(950 paid attendees)
  • Registration Revenue $ 629,750.00
  • Sponsorship & Exhibition Revenue $ 160,000.00
  • Total Revenue $ 789,750.00
  • Total Expenses $ 762,000.00
  • Surplus/Loss $ 27,750.00
  • Surplus/Loss Per Attendee $ 29.21
  • Attending 1025
  • Paying 950
  • Note: This budget includes venue costs based on December dates.

Expected Attendance

The Denver LOC has used the suggestion of 1,000 attendees from the RFP. However, we have reason to believe that a Denver-hosted FOSS4G 2011 conference could see significantly higher attendance due to several factors: 1. The size of the geospatial community in the immediate area. 2. The increased use and application of geospatial technology everywhere. 3. The reduced cost of travel for interested parties in the U.S. 4. Widespread U.S. Government participation.

Specific efforts will be made on the part of members of the Denver LOC to advocate for participation from traditionally non-FOSS geospatial professionals and US Government organizations. Additional efforts will be taken to encourage international participation through the recruitment of LOC Members from Canada and Latin America. It is the hope of the Denver LOC that OSGeo and our planning partner, GITA, will be able to actively advocate for participation throughout the rest of the world.

Both venues we are considering are capable of scaling up to a larger FOSS4G conference. Further, our logistics and planning partner, GITA, has a proven history of handling significantly larger geospatial conferences. Ultimately, a larger conference would mean greater adoption of FOSS4G and better support for FOSS4G development.

Expected Sponsorship

The figure budgeted for sponsorships assumes a 10% increase above the proposed sponsorship budgeted for the FOSS4G 2009 Conference. The $575 early bird registration fee could be lowered if these sponsorship levels are secured early in the registration process or if OSGeo or another party could guarantee a portion of the budget for sponsorships.

Local Commercial Geospatial Companies and Potential Sponsors

Denver and the surrounding Colorado Front Range area are known as a worldwide center for geospatial technology companies. We list a selection of geospatial companies with a presence here, using both open and closed source software. These range from small startups to multimillion dollar global companies headquartered here. Given the growing interest in open source geospatial software, we believe that people from all these companies are candidates for attending and/or contributing to FOSS4G.

  • Aero-Metric: Major provider of professional geospatial services with an office in Fort Collins,


  • Autodesk: Autodesk has a regional sales and support office in Denver.
  • AWhere: Company focused on Location Intelligence software, based in Golden, just outside Denver.
  • Brightkite: A leader in mobile location based social networking, based in Denver.
  • Cartasite: Provide solutions for asset and vehicle location, based in Denver.
  • Digital Globe: A leading provider of satellite imagery, headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, just north of Denver.
  • Enspiria Solutions: A leader in geospatial consulting services to the utility industry, based in Denver.
  • ESRI: Has a large local office in Broomfield, just outside Denver, with over 100 people.
  • GE (Smallworld): The Smallworld product is the global market leading GIS product for utilities and telecoms. Smallworld's North American headquarters is in Denver, with over 100 staff.
  • GeoEye: GeoEye is a leading provider of satellite and aerial imagery and other geospatial data, and has one of its primary operations centers in Thornton, part of the metro Denver area.
  • Geospatial Experts: Develop software for cameras and GPS, based in Thornton, part of the metro Denver area.
  • Google: Google has a significant development team in Boulder, at the former headquarters of @Last software, who developed SketchUp and were acquired by Google.
  • har*GIS: Provides mobile geospatial solutions to utilities, based in Denver.
  • Idea Integration: Consulting services company with geospatial practice based in Denver.
  • iFactor Consulting: Develops geospatial software products for the electric industry, with offices in Denver.
  • Intergraph: Intergraph has a local office in Denver, which houses the support team for its aerial photography cameras, and the development team for its electric outage management product, Inservice.
  • Intermap: Leading provider of high quality national elevation datasets, headquartered in Denver.
  • Local Matters: Local Search company based in Denver.
  • Lockheed Martin: Large system integrator with large offices in Denver, and a significant user of geospatial technology.
  • Mapbuzz/Zerista: Startup, focused on geospatial applications for conferences, which makes significant use of open source. Based in Denver.
  • MapQuest: The original web mapping company, now part of AOL, is headquartered in Denver.
  • Microsoft Virtual Earth: Much of Microsoft's Virtual Earth development team is located in Boulder, at the headquarters of Vexcel, who developed the technology which is used to create the 3D building models in Virtual Earth.
  • NavSys: Developer of innovative GPS and navigation technologies, based in Colorado Springs.
  • NorthSouth GIS: GIS implementation company based in Denver
  • Public Earth: Company focused on collecting and disseminating geospatial data for consumer use, based in Boulder.
  • QC Data: Engineering and data services provider focused on telecommunications, utilities, property management and infrastructure, based in Denver.
  • Red Planet Consulting: Provides geospatial implementation and consulting services to the utility industry, based in Boulder.
  • Sanborn: Photogrammetry and geospatial data conversion company based in Colorado Springs Spatial Business Systems: Provider of spatial services and products based in Denver.
  • Spatial Networking: Startup, focused on future location and social networking, which makes significant use of open source. Based in Denver.
  • Spectrum Mapping: Mapping, remote sensing and software development company headquartered in Denver.
  • Tier 3: Geospatial consulting services company with an office in Denver.
  • The Timoney Group: Geospatial services group which makes extensive use of open source. Based in Denver.
  • Ubisense: Provides solutions in the area of precision location tracking, as well as location relation consulting and implementation services. North American headquarters in Denver.
  • uMapper: Online mapping company based in Denver.
  • Useful Networks: Developer of mobile location based applications, headquartered in Denver.

Previous FOSS4G Sponsors

The local committee will also reach out to appropriate previous FOSS4G sponsors:


  • Autodesk
  • Google
  • US Army ERDC ( Engineer Research and Development Center)
  • WhereGroup (specialized in providing premium support for Open Source technologies and how to professionally integrate Free Software seamlessly with proprietary systems.)
  • lat/lon (offers innovative products and services in the sector of spatial and internet-based information systems)
  • GTI (provides services that are focused around earth observation satellite data and aerial photography)
  • MapGears (offers consulting, technical support, training and software development services in the open source geospatial software field)
  • DM Solutions Group
  • Mintek
  • CloudMade
  • PlanetGIS
  • OGC


  • Autodesk
  • Google
  • Refractions Research
  • DM Solutions Group
  • Safe Software
  • Leica Geosystems
  • ESRI
  • OGC
  • Sierra Systems
  • Orkney
  • Directions Magazine
  • GIS Development
  • GeoConnections (Canadian Federal Government Organization)


Autodesk DM Solutions Group US Army ERDC ( Engineer Research and Development Center) Orkney Intevation (consulting company consequently based on Free Software) iict (Institute for Information and Communication) KK CC GEO MicroGIS (providing mapping/cartographic solutions for over eight years) CCGIS (Consulting Center for Geographic Information Systems) lat/lon (offers innovative products and services in the sector of spatial and internet-based information systems) MapGears (offers consulting, technical support, training and software development services in the open source geospatial software field) GeoConcept NAVTEQ O'Reilly Sylvan Ascent, Inc. GeoInformatics